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The Most Convenient Partial Demolition Services in Melbourne

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Xpress Demolition is the expert provider of partial demolition services in Melbourne with almost a decade of experience. As part of our services, we help you with interior strip-outs, asbestos removal, concrete removal and bobcat services. Xpress Demolition transforms your property to make it as good as new – giving it a modern look.

We provide partial demolition for residential as well as commercial properties – offering highly cost-effective, hassle-free, and reliable services. Whether you need help with bathroom removal, kitchen removal, shed removal, pergola removal or garage removal – Xpress Demolition has everything covered. Get in touch with our team for updated information about all our services.

More Partial Demolition Service You Can Count On

We offer a variety of partial demolition Melbourne services to cover every aspect of your project including:

Interior Strip Outs
If you are planning completely strip your home, office, kitchen, bathroom or any type of commercial space, Partial Demolition Melbourne can help, with interior strip out Melbourne services in case you are planning to undertake a small demolition job such as a shed or part of a wall with a broad range of customers including residential and commercial.
Concrete Removal
Do you reside in Melbourne; need help estimating your concrete removal Melbourne costs? Partial Demolition Melbourne is the guys; we are reputable slabs, driveways, pool, tile, wall, brick fence, concrete and soil removal services for your home or business. Whether you have a small amount of concrete, or a whole truck load, we can do the heavy lifting for you, and we can usually remove it all on the same day.
Asbestos Removal
Looking for an asbestos removal company Melbourne? Partial Demolition Melbourne provide fully licensed and insured asbestos removal contractor servicing the entire Melbourne region. Our team of highly experienced and well trained asbestos removalists take pride in providing the safe removal and disposal of your asbestos product. We are one of the most reliable asbestos removal companies in Melbourne deliver fast & hassle-free asbestos removal.
Bobcat Service
Searching for the best bobcat service Melbourne? Partial Demolition Melbourne is licensed and insured excavation company servicing the entire Melbourne region. A team of highly experienced well trained Australian owned and operated bobcat service. We take pride in providing safe service and disposal of your product. We are one of the most reliable excavation companies in Melbourne deliver fast & hassle-free solution.

Partial Demolition in Action

Partial Demolition Melbourne

Looking For a Partial Demolition Service in Melbourne?

We at Partial Demolition Melbourne are experienced Melbourne’s Leader in Partial Demolition industry; we guarantee that our Melbourne based bathroom removal kitchen removal service is the best around.

Need a Partial Demolition in Melbourne? We can remove any space, including apartments, houses, shops, garages and much more. We pride ourselves on minimizing construction times during preparing and rebuilds, deliver to you the best outcome possible. While we understand it’s often important to safe-guard current space and retrieve materials for reuse onto new construction, that’s why at Partial Demolition Melbourne we are known for taking extended care, while we specialise in protecting and preserving of materials and existing space.

Why Choose Us for Partial Demolition in Melbourne

Local Partial Demolition Service

We are one of the best local partial demolition companies in Melbourne. We have been offering the best in partial demolition, strip outs, asbestos and concrete removal services in domestic and commercial properties

Years of Experience

Partial Demolition Melbourne has been successfully operating for over years in the Melbourne demolition and strip out industry.

Honest & Dependable

We understand the importance of being honest and dependable when it comes to dealing with every one of our clients.

Friendly on Time Service

With the latest industry machinery and trained operators, we’ll complete your project efficiently on time and according to your plan.

Some of our Partial Demolition Services

(1) Interior Strip-Outs: Interior strip-outs cover the removal of specific rooms or areas of your home or office. It also covers the partial removal of a part of a wall or a shed.

(2) Bobcat Service: Get the best machines run by well-trained and experienced specialists for all your domestic or commercial needs.

(3) Concrete Removal: Get pools, driveways, slabs, tiles, brick fences and walls removed as part of our partial demolition services.

(4) Asbestos Removal: Our asbestos removal services help you avoid the chances of contracting serious infections and diseases by carrying out safe removal and disposal.

(5) Garage Removal: Get experts to remove your garage in the cleanest and most efficient manner while preserving your valuable resources.

When You Might Choose Partial/ Selective Domestic or Commercial Demolition Melbourne

There can be several reasons attached to partial demolition in Melbourne than bringing down the entire building. It is best to pick professional brains to do the job instead of going the DIY way.

Enlarge of Existing Rooms

If the plan is to knock down rebuild a part of your homes smaller rooms to structure and discover more space open for living like renovate your old kitchen, living room, and dining room boxed in.

Adding an Extension

If your dream is of an exterior walls to be removed to allow for a seamless addition to increased living space. This involves old and new parts of the building to flow easily together. Areas of roof will also be included in this.

Updating specific areas

In case of a structure or a building that needs to be brought in compliance with the change in building regulations and standards

Replace a defective Old Plumbing

In case of leaks and/or poorly made pipes which needs to be ripped up and reinstalled.

Light demolition

Furthermore if an external structures or property needs to be discarded. For example, an old shed, deck, kitchen or carport which has a defect or doesn’t suit your needs.

For further truth on how partial demolition is required, where and when you need them, contact partial demolition Melbourne. We expertise both homes to commercial buildings partial demolition. All our staff members are skilled to perform all of your partial demolition jobs and clear all of the debris from your area, while leaving your site clean and tidy required for a renovation or new construction project.

Partial Demolition Melbourne Cost?

At Partial Demolition Melbourne even before any upgrades are made to your home, we plan out a
powerful strategy making sure we deliver a proper requisite offering an affordable, reliable and
fair cost considering the process involving partial demolition. Our partial demolition cost
Melbourne is what stands out from the rest. Our aim is to provide our partial demolition
services to all types of residents and offices in Melbourne.

Though the costs varies with the type of demolition kitchen to bathroom to shed to garage we
offer prices that are fair, reasonable, Low in comparison to others, value for money service on
all your partial demolition Melbourne projects. We are Melbourne’s trustworthy Partial
Demolition Company with our entire quotes free; offer professional advice as such there’s no
need to go anywhere else.

We are here to provide you with highest quality service across Melbourne. By choosing us we
guarantee that you will receive peace of mind, a hassle-free process, ethical business and
environmental conscience, all rolled into one. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for a specific
partial demolition Melbourne cost, all our quotes are free; we look forward to talking to you
about your upcoming projects!

Factors That Will Impact Your Partial Demolition Cost

What Needs Partial Demolition

Partial house demolition, Bathroom, kitchen, shed, garage, and pergola will all cost different number.

Partial Demolition Size

Generally bigger the square meter or feet will require more staff, time and tools to bring down as such the costs will be higher as compared to smaller ones.

Site Access

The cost depends on your site accessibility. At times it is found that some demolition equipment won’t get in finding it difficult

Material of the Property

A property made of heavier material such as concrete or brick is more expensive when compared against timber. In case of house been built with asbestos, you wi pay more these are houses built between 1920 and 1990.

Local waste facilities

Distance to disposal or recycling centres will also add up the transportation cost Other unique factors can be presence of shrubs, trees or underground contaminated waste that needs to be removed will add up the costs. Thus we make sure you know the cost and the process, so that our job of bringing down your partial demolitions procedure becomes relatively fast. To abandon all difficulties and trouble, it’s wise to choose a partial demolition contractor with latest equipment, all required licenses, and demonstrate good track record.

Here’s how we make Partial Demolition Melbourne a breeze

Contact Xpress Removal for Melbourne’s best Partial Removals

Xpress Demolition provides many benefits and incentives – specially to repeat clients. We will provide you with a free quote for all enquiries and follow a highly systematic process to complete the entire paperwork process.

With Xpress Demolition, you get the best advice and guidance even before we begin working on your project. Contact us today for all your partial demolition needs in Melbourne.